Debut Single  -  Poltergeist
Release Date  -  3rd October 2020
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//  Origin:  Leicester, United Kingdom
//  Genres:  Indie, Alternative, Synth Pop
//  Years Active:  2019 - Present
//  Email:  thebandpulse@hotmail.com

// Members:  Brandon Long - Vocals/Guitar                                                                   Ed Kirk - Guitar/Synths​
                         Joe Greenough -Bass/Vocals                      ​
                         Tom Dunnett - Drums 

Uniting their love of 80s pop and 00s indie, The Pulse have grown quickly from their roots as a DIY recording project ahead of their first single release - Poltergeist - on 3rd October 2020.  

Formed on a whim in September 2019, the project provides band members Brandon Long, Ed Kirk, Joe Greenough and Tom Dunnett with an escape from the repetition of mundane day jobs – and they make it their mission to embody this sense of freedom within their music. 

Taking influence from the synth leads of Depeche Mode and The Human League, the upbeat guitar lines of Franz Ferdinand and The Killers, the ambient synth swells of M83 and the lyrical storytelling of Bruce Springsteen and Matty Healy, The Pulse set out to instil the same sense of escapism in their audience that they draw from creating their music - this conviction to share the experience with the listeners encompasses everything that The Pulse stands for.

The concept stems from a conversation between Brandon and a music lecturer at the local college who told him; “you’re not trying to find a melody when you’re writing a song, you’re trying to find a vein that’ll take you somewhere, you’re trying to find the pulse”. Not only does this statement inspire the band name – it also provides the backbone and intent for the entire project.

The Pulse have a string of new single releases planned for the coming months; starting with their debut – Poltergeist – on 3rd October 2020.